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Origami Lotus Flower Tutorial

Once in a while we get invited for dinner (Yes, that happens!) or we have guests over for dinner ourselves. In either case one needs to come up with an idea. In case one – with an idea for a little gift for the host. Of course you could just bring the mandatory bottle of wine or a salad… but that would be boring. In case two – besides coming up with a fantastic dinner, one wants to impress a little bit and you can do that best with a nice table decoration.

For either case I found a nice solution: Why not jazz up that gift or the table decoration with some origami. Of course origami is not everybody’s thing but I do think it is original and definitely gets you at least a  “wow”. To make it even more impressive you can match the color of the paper you are using to get the look you are aiming for.

I have done some origami on occasion but I am by far not great at it and yet I still managed to create this little beauty.

She and her siblings will be the center piece of my next dinner table decoration. Because the design is so simple and versatile I think they would also make a nice decoration for a living or bath room shelf or a gift all by themselves for friends and family. I found the tutorial for these lotus flowers on youtube. It is easy to understand and even a beginner should be able to make one with a little patience.

A little tip: Depending on how you fold the inner leaves you can create an open or a closed lotus. I opted for the closed version.

So get started and have fun!