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Handmade Coziness for Babies

Remember that baby blanket from the very first post? I have not really had the time to introduce it yet… so here it is!


The blanket is hand-knitted from a super soft chunky acrylic nylon blend yarn in light blue and white and the perfect cuddly gift for a baby boy. I did not have a particular person in mind when I was working on it but since a lot of my friends and co-workers are having babies right now it was the perfect timing! Measuring a whopping 36″W x 42″L it is perfect as a crib blanket and can be used well into toddler age or even early childhood as a snuggy blanket. This way the little one won’t have to give it up so soon.

After I was done with the blanket I had quite a bunch of leftover yarn. The yarn was wonderful to work with and has the advantage of being machine washable and dryable so I decided to make a matching bunny and a baby hat …

I am very happy with the way everything came out. The elf/stocking hat is intended to be a photo prop. Because of the huge pompom and the long tail it is not suited as a baby hat for everyday life but I am confident it makes for marvelous newborn photos!

I am currently working on a whole bunch of new baby hat photo props and other exciting projects so check back often to see what’s new!

Hey there!

It’s spring! Best time of the year. Who doesn’t love a fresh spring breeze and the smell of flowers blooming. It’s also the best time to start new things. So here I am starting this blog and my Cozy Conspiracy to brighten up your rooms with curious cutieosities.

So come in, take a seat, get comfy and have a nice cup of coffee or tea. Have a look around and bare with me as I start my parade of cute and cuddly things in the upcoming months. Comments are always welcome (please be kind as I am still new to this o.O).

And last but not least… a little preview of what’s to come…

Stay tuned…