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Cozy Finds Vol. 1

Colorful furniture, accessories and decor make a home cozy… at least I think so. Of course you don’t want too much color. Nobody wants to live in a circus tent, right? But a cute colorful (and hopefully tasteful) item strategically placed here and there sure does brighten up a room and makes one feel all warm and welcome. So when I find an item like that I usually can’t resist. I recently had one of those moments when I came upon these spiky mugs on Etsy….

Aren’t they beautiful? And they sure are spiky!

The mugs are delicately handcrafted and sold by a lovely Etsy seller named symmetricalpottery (you can find them here). Their mugs are available in a variety of designs and colors and you can buy them by the each or as a set. I fell in love with them at first sight and now they are highlight of my (rather plain) tableware. Drinking my evening tea or morning coffee out of these mugs makes the whole ritual twice as fun!

I am constantly on the lookout for more intriguing items and will keep you posted on what else finds its way into my home. Of course I am curious about how other people decorate their home to make it more welcoming. What cozy or crazy finds brighten up your home? Don’t be shy, drop me a line!