It’s Bunny Time

Constantly searching for new crochet projects I found a pattern for an “Amigurumi Alien Rabbit” a while back. Since Easter is coming up soon, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to introduce some of the bunnies I have made from this pattern.

I don’t think these little guys look like aliens at all. They are way too handsome. But Alien or not they are super soft, cuddly and definitely bring some color in a kids room. I used 100% cotton, safety eyes and noses for the face and stuffed them with polyfiber fill.

Though crochet critters can be created from almost any yarn, I prefer cotton for most of my creations. It is the perfect material for any kind of amigurumi plushies, especially when children are going to play with them. It is soft, durable and can be washed in the washing machine. Since cotton is stiffer than acrylic yarns it is also possible to create different body poses (to a certain degree).

However, I couldn’t help myself but wonder how a bunny made from a chunky acrylic yarn would come out. I decided to give it a try and the result was surprisingly adorable.

Since the acrylic yarn I used was thicker than the cotton yarn, the bunny came out way larger. Now the cotton bunnies have a big sister :D. I think they all fit quite well together – like a big family.

That reminds me of my own family. Gotta get started with the Easter preparations….

Happy Easter everyone!

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