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Cozy Finds Vol. 1

Colorful furniture, accessories and decor make a home cozy… at least I think so. Of course you don’t want too much color. Nobody wants to live in a circus tent, right? But a cute colorful (and hopefully tasteful) item strategically placed here and there sure does brighten up a room and makes one feel all warm and welcome. So when I find an item like that I usually can’t resist. I recently had one of those moments when I came upon these spiky mugs on Etsy….

Aren’t they beautiful? And they sure are spiky!

The mugs are delicately handcrafted and sold by a lovely Etsy seller named symmetricalpottery (you can find them here). Their mugs are available in a variety of designs and colors and you can buy them by the each or as a set. I fell in love with them at first sight and now they are highlight of my (rather plain) tableware. Drinking my evening tea or morning coffee out of these mugs makes the whole ritual twice as fun!

I am constantly on the lookout for more intriguing items and will keep you posted on what else finds its way into my home. Of course I am curious about how other people decorate their home to make it more welcoming. What cozy or crazy finds brighten up your home? Don’t be shy, drop me a line!

Origami Lotus Flower Tutorial

Once in a while we get invited for dinner (Yes, that happens!) or we have guests over for dinner ourselves. In either case one needs to come up with an idea. In case one – with an idea for a little gift for the host. Of course you could just bring the mandatory bottle of wine or a salad… but that would be boring. In case two – besides coming up with a fantastic dinner, one wants to impress a little bit and you can do that best with a nice table decoration.

For either case I found a nice solution: Why not jazz up that gift or the table decoration with some origami. Of course origami is not everybody’s thing but I do think it is original and definitely gets you at least a  “wow”. To make it even more impressive you can match the color of the paper you are using to get the look you are aiming for.

I have done some origami on occasion but I am by far not great at it and yet I still managed to create this little beauty.

She and her siblings will be the center piece of my next dinner table decoration. Because the design is so simple and versatile I think they would also make a nice decoration for a living or bath room shelf or a gift all by themselves for friends and family. I found the tutorial for these lotus flowers on youtube. It is easy to understand and even a beginner should be able to make one with a little patience.

A little tip: Depending on how you fold the inner leaves you can create an open or a closed lotus. I opted for the closed version.

So get started and have fun!

It’s Bunny Time

Constantly searching for new crochet projects I found a pattern for an “Amigurumi Alien Rabbit” a while back. Since Easter is coming up soon, I thought this is the perfect opportunity to introduce some of the bunnies I have made from this pattern.

I don’t think these little guys look like aliens at all. They are way too handsome. But Alien or not they are super soft, cuddly and definitely bring some color in a kids room. I used 100% cotton, safety eyes and noses for the face and stuffed them with polyfiber fill.

Though crochet critters can be created from almost any yarn, I prefer cotton for most of my creations. It is the perfect material for any kind of amigurumi plushies, especially when children are going to play with them. It is soft, durable and can be washed in the washing machine. Since cotton is stiffer than acrylic yarns it is also possible to create different body poses (to a certain degree).

However, I couldn’t help myself but wonder how a bunny made from a chunky acrylic yarn would come out. I decided to give it a try and the result was surprisingly adorable.

Since the acrylic yarn I used was thicker than the cotton yarn, the bunny came out way larger. Now the cotton bunnies have a big sister :D. I think they all fit quite well together – like a big family.

That reminds me of my own family. Gotta get started with the Easter preparations….

Happy Easter everyone!

Humble Beginnings

My grandmother introduced me to crocheting and knitting when I was only 8 years old. However, over the years and the ongoing activities in my life I forgot that I had these skills.

Then… in 2009 a friend of mine was knitting on some lovely Totoro mittens. Since Totoro is one of my favorite movies I instantly wanted to make something similar for myself and wondered what other Totoro related things one could whip up with some needles or a hook and yarn. Browsing the Internet I stumbled upon a great crochet pattern for a large Totoro. I asked my friend if she could re-teach me how to crochet so I could make one of these myself and the rest… is history.

This is the little guy I whipped up back in 2009 after not having crocheted for over 15 years.

Isn’t he cute? I am quite happy with the way he came out (for being my first amigurumi critter ever). In case you are interested in making a cuddly Totoro plushie for yourself: you can find the pattern for free on LucyRavenscars blog .

3 years and countless amigurumi critters later (see my Flickr account) and I am still hooked on crocheting and even picked up knitting needles again. I will be forever grateful for that… thank you Corrie!